An Interesting Year

I have been reflecting on this year, 2020. It has been a very interesting year for me, and I am sure for most people.

There are many things that I had planned to do (these were neatly outlined on my New Years resolution list!). However, I have not been able to do most of those things due to circumstances beyond my control – e.g. COVID, not being able to visit people, etc.

One thing though, that has not diminished despite all the ups and downs is my hope. I have learnt that there is a supernatural hope that God has made available to us that continues to paint a bright picture of the future. It was this type hope that led the wise men to eventually find Jesus (see Mathew 2:1-12, in the bible), despite all the obstacles and the lengthy journey.

Let us reflect on the supernatural hope that Jesus provides. With this in our lives, our future will always be painted in bright colours.

Have a great month ahead.

  • Pastor Benson