More Than This

Is there more to life than pursuing success in your studies, career, sports, music, work and so on? Where does God fit in all of your life pursuits? I had an interesting experience about 20 years ago when I was in the early stages of my career as an accountant. My heart and soul were focused on succeeding and I “burnt the candle” of striving at both ends. Out of the blue, God asked me a question in my heart “Do you love me more than this”? This was similar to the questions that Jesus asked Peter shortly after His resurrection (John 21:15).

This month, we’ll be going through the teaching series, “More Than This”. We’ll be looking at: the choice and cost of following Jesus; the illusion of success; the traps of life; living in our own strength; and the spiritual world. It promises be an interesting “soul searching” series that will attempt to give us a true perspective of life from Jesus’ perspective.

Have a great month ahead.

Pastor Benson