What is the Church?

When I ask people what the church is, I often get numerous responses. Some people say the church is a “building” where people meet on sundays to sing hymns and listen to bible teachings. Some people say the church is an “organisation” that does charitable deeds. On the extreme, some people say that the church is responsible for some unmentionable atrocities and is just “organised” religion.

We’ll be spending the whole of this month, during our Sunday meetings to really look at what the Church of God, from a biblical context. We’ll be looking at how one becomes a member of the church of God, what the church does, how the church lives and the things that the church does.

Pastor Benson

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the “Month of Divine Visitation” as declared by our General Overseer, Apostle ATB Williams.

This year, 2017 promises to be an exciting year and has been tagged, “The Year of Transformation”. Revelation 21:5 says God makes all things new. We are looking forward to all the things that God is going to do in our lives as individuals and as a church this year.

Have a happy and prosperous new year.

Pastor Benson