You Are Not Alone

Jesus had been with His disciples for slightly over three years. They had left everything to follow Him. They had left their jobs and all they knew because of this new found faith in the Son of God. He had paid their taxes, healed their mothers, provided food for them miraculously, explained what it meant to be part of the kingdom of God, they had experienced the power of what it meant to be disciples of Christ.

One day, Jesus told them that he was leaving the earth, worse, He would be crucified. Their world came crumbling down. They were in a state of shock: who would look after them, stand up for them, and thoughts of despair went on and on in their minds.

Jesus understood their concerns, however he had made preparations for someone to care for them after His departure, The Holy Spirit.

As believers, we are not alone, Jesus has left the Holy Spirit to help us, guide us, teach us, encourage and to help us to fulfil God’s plans for us.

You are not alone!

Have a great month ahead.

  • Pastor Benson