The Holy Spirit

When Jesus told his disciples that He would be crucified and return to heaven, they were at a loss as to how they would cope without Him. He had been there to provide for them, heal their relatives, defend them against the harassment of the religious leaders. The list goes on. How would they survive. Jesus knew how they felt: they felt like orphans who would be abandoned.

Our Christian walk sometimes feels like that. We often wonder where Jesus is: we need help, we need direction, we want to make an impact in the life of others as Christians, we want to pray for people and see them healed. We want to be like Jesus.

The good news is that like the disciples of Jesus at that time, He made a promise to send someone who would take His place, when he left to return to heaven. He sent the Holy Spirit to take his place in the lives of the disciples. We also have the Holy Spirit with us, just as they did. The wonderful thing about the Holy Spirit is that He is always with us and lives in us. So, we are not alone in our walk of faith. Jesus said, “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever” – John 14:16.

Have a great month ahead.

-Pastor Benson