The Christian Husband

We’ve been doing a series on relationships at CFT Bristol Church over the past few weeks. When I began to speak about the realities of the role of a Christian husband I got a lot of interesting remarks. A few of the women had loads of smiles on their faces, whilst I got some looks of curiosity from some of the men. My response to the men was to “hold fire” till I have done the sermon series on the “Christian Wife”. The reactions were interesting.

One of the things that I mentioned is that the role of the “regular” husband who goes to the same boring job for the sole purpose of ensuring he provides for his family is really undervalued by popular culture. If you don’t believe me ask the next teenage boy what he aspires to be. You’ll probably get the, “I want to be a great footballer”, “I want to be a famous singer”. The responses go on. However, if you asked the question: “Have you thought about aspiring to be a good husband?”, you might get a weird look back from them. Implying that being a good husband is not on their list nor do they think it is something to aspire to.

I mentioned that this “regular” hardworking and faithful husband is of great value to God. This man is so valuable to God that He uses the criteria of being a good husband as one for appointment into the really important offices in the Church (see 1 Timothy 3:4).

When next you come across the husband who against all odds is trying to make things work for his wife and children, provides for them selflessly, give him a big “thank you” on my behalf and God’s behalf.

Have a great month ahead.

  • Pastor Benson